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Common SharePoint URLs

SharePoint can be really tricky at times. It is not always easy to find the links via navigation.

No more wasting time in navigating. Here are the most common URLs used in SharePoint. Hope this will help you save a minute in your life 😊

Nothing is perfect; help us make this perfect by suggesting more links.

So here we go....

Site Collection Features

/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site (Case sensitive)

Manage site features


Master Page Gallery


Site collection Recycle Bin


Site recycle bin


Site Column Gallery


Top-level Site Administration


Site Content Types


Solution Gallery


Searchable Columns


SharePoint server version


Manage Web Part Gallery


Manage List Template Gallery


Manage Site Template Gallery

Regional Settings


Sign in as different user




Site Usage Summary


Site Usage Report


Manage User Alerts


Workflow history

/lists/Workflow History

RSS Feed


Hierarchy of site


Site Settings


Site Collection Audit Settings


Portal Site Connection


Add Web Parts Pane       


Manage Site Collection Administrators


Reset to Site Definition


Manage Sites and Workspaces


Site Content and Structure


Content and Structure Logs


Site Collection Audit Settings


User Alerts


Site Contents


Site Output Cache


Quick Deploy List


Enable SharePoint designer


Site Theme


Navigation Settings page


Save Site as a template


Site Collection Output Cache


Site Collection Object Cache

/ _Layouts/objectcachesettings.aspx

Top Navigation

/ _layouts/topnav.aspx

Delete current Site


Site Collection Policies


Site Collection Cache Profiles


Translatable Columns




Variation Labels

/ _Layouts/VariationLabels.aspx

Variation Logs


Sites Registry


Site Libraries and Lists


Folder in a List

/Lists/<list name>/AllItems.aspx?id=< server relative URL of folder>

Site Usage Summary


People and Groups


Manage Cross Site Groups


Manage Audience


User Information


Manage Users


Manage Site Groups


Manage Site Collection Users


Delete user from Site


Title and description

/ _layouts/prjsetng.aspx

Page display in dialog


Quick Launch


Welcome Page


Page Layouts and Site Templates


Web Parts Maintenance Page

Get List of all webparts in page
<Page url>?contents=1

Application page for registering SharePoint apps


Change Site Master Page


Open Page in Edit Mode






Search Visibility


Search Keywords


Search Settings


Search Scopes


Tree View